The Pain of Abortion

By JJimenez Abortion

How painful is abortion – I don’t mean to the mom but to her baby!

 As I was looking for information about the development of a baby, I came across some facts that made my hair stand on end.  I thought if I shared them with you, you might pass it on to women and girls that may be unaware of the physical pain an abortion can cause – TO THE BABY.

Did you realize at 6 weeks a mere month and a half that a baby responds to touch and at one month pain receptors start to develop.  If that’s the case, can you imagine using aspiration (the sucking method) to abort the child! Good grief how barbaric.  It gets worse … at 12 weeks – 3 months the baby can swallow then has been able to SMILE for over a week.  So, does it make sense to abort your smiling baby?? I think not, especially because 1 week later (13weeks) the folks at Planned Parenthood use dilation and evacuation to eliminate the “tissue” – forceps pull the baby apart into pieces for removal.  If this doesn’t turn your stomach and break your heart, I don’t know what would.

Moral to the story – be informed and help others wise up to dirty little secret  Planned Parenthood does not want you to know.  Maybe if our government knew this they’d stop contributing half a billion dollars to the cause.

Raejean Kuhnau